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  • Payarc cash discount is a program that allows merchants to pass the credit card processing fee to their customers by offering a discount for paying with cash or a check. This is different from a surcharge for credit and debit card users in that the “normal” price of the transaction is the price that credit and debit card users would pay, and customers that use cash or check would receive a discount.
  • The best example of Cash Discount is a Gas Station. Gas Stations post two different prices, one for cash, and one for credit cards. Merchants using a Point of Sale (POS) software are able to increase prices to reflect the credit card processing fees, then at the time of check out, a discount for cash can apply. Merchants using a menu would need to reprint or change posted menus.
  • We simply set you up with our proprietary terminal, that allows you to add a 4% service fee for customers paying with credit or debit cards. If the customer pays with cash they save 4% 
  • Important: merchants must post the price for cards on the item, thereby making that price the “normal price.”
  • It’s really is that simple, call us today and start saving on your monthly credit card fees!


My customers will never go for this! I don’t want to lose customers.

Over the last 3 years we have business owners like yourself suffering from the cost of inflation which was caused by the pandemic. Therefore the industry has put together this program to give you the relief that you need.
Also customers understand the strain you are under and they will keep coming back to support small business owners like yourself. As well customers realize that their credit card companies are giving them 3 to 5% cash back in rewards so essentially they are paying for the fees in hopes that the customers do not payoff their credit card and they can earn 19% interest rates. Why should you pay for rewards?

I'm in a contract and don't want to break it

Most banks and other companies will charge you a cancellation fee of $300 – $500 for cancellation. However by changing over to our program we will be saving you $$$$ over the next 12 months. Wouldn’t you agree that paying a $300 to $500 cancellation fee to save $$$$ over the next 12 months is a great investment?

I just got a POS system and I don’t want to change right now.

Our company will seek to integrate with your existing POS or find you a better one that has all the features that you need without all the expensive monthly fees. (POS companies charge monthly software fees and additional features fees as well and can add up to hundreds of dollars a month) So aside from eliminating their fees for processing we may be able to eliminate their fees for POS as well.

When does a merchant receive their deposits from transactions?

It is standard to receive money in 48 hours after they batch for the day or night. Can a merchant get their deposits next day? Typically if they batch before 5pm pst they can get next day funding. This may be different with different processors we use.

How easy is it to get going on this?

We will send you a secure email link to fill out an application that takes 3-5 minutes The application will get approved in 24-48 hours

Who is LocalAppz?

LocalAppz LLC was started in 2011 to help local business’ in Cincinnati Ohio get ranked on Google search. We have many happy customers and are always adding more. In 2024 we became the local authorized sales partner for Payarc credit card processing. We are super excited to offer you a professional, secure and courteous experience with a complete digital marketing package including credit card processing. Now we are truley a one stop shop for the “Mom & Pop” or small business.



1. Please complete the form, tell us how much you’re paying

2. Payarc will beat or eliminate any merchant fees

3. Payarc will provide you a money saving proposal

4. Payarc will send a secure link to enter your information

5. Payarc will qualify your business in 24-48 hours

6. Payarc will program and send you the new terminal

7. You plug the terminal in and connect to the internet

8. Payarc support will walk you through the setup

9. You start saving instantly with Payarc

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LocalAppz LLC is authorized agent for Payarc. Communications are kept private and secure. We won’t spam your business.

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